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Ebenalp Mobile Hydraulic Equipment Manufacturing Ningbo Co.,LTD. is a comprehensive new and high-tech enterprise integrating research, development, manufacturing and sales that primarily focuses on innovative fluid control technology and engineering automation fitting. We have independent hardware and software platforms for development, design and sustainable innovation and core technologies and test utilities of products reflect years of technological sedimentation and accumulation.

With application and operating condition test in all sectors, hose reel series products developed by filing tray business department have formed all-series quality hose reel product lines of varieties of hose reels and cable drums.

Ebenalp Fluid Drive Business Department is specialized at project hydraulic expansion and upgrading and development of intelligent industrial hydraulic pressure. Its products involve integrated solution of large-torque wheel running actuation technique, outdoors project construction power, gas technology solution, power source technology solution of oceanic work platforms, underwater operation tools, high-pressure water jet cleaning and project damage. With our upgrading and transformation, your equipment can carry ‘multiple purposes’ from the original single purpose.

Industrial intelligent hydraulic pressure is dedicated to providing advanced and energy-conservative hydraulic component test board and non-standard full hydraulic metal forming equipment to extensive users. We also undertake design and transformation of large-scaled industrial hydraulic system and design and processing of hydraulic manifold block.

Sea water desalination by solar energy and hydraulic power generation with wind power demonstrate the potent research and development power of the Company. Devotion to development of recyclable clean energy is the initial purpose of setting up Clean Energy Development Business Unit. Applying of wind energy to sea water desalination and non-converter hydraulic power generation technology has broad business values and societal significance. For development of remote islands far from mainland China, effectively addressing of fresh water scarcity and energy supply compose the urgent matter. When compared with sea water delineation technique via other means, sea water delineation with wind energy is cleaner, more environmental and more reliable. The system features good self-mastery capacities without having to refer to power and diesel for steady operation on the long-term basis. The system incorporates driving power equipment including sea water delineation and power generation equipment to convert to hydraulic energy by use of wind energy. The operating system would impose scanty influence on its surrounding environment, nor does it produce electromagnetic wave interference to fishing boats, vessels and military utilities coming in and out of the port; the system has more secured and reliable operation durability and anti-salt-mist capacity in severe environment. Its follow-up maintenance is simple, particularly when it comes to early-stage installation and debugging, it features a series of cost-reduction advantages including proneness to be transported and assembled, etc.

By holding up to the concept of ‘intelligence manufacturing’ and ‘innovation first and quality as the centerpiece’,Ebenalp is dedicated to servicing clients all over the world.

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